Podcast with Kat Hill, music by Nathan Earle

1.1 My Recipe for Lemonade – A Joyful Life30 August 2020 with Kat Hill, host of PD Lemonade, advocate, author, artist

introduction with Kat Hill

1.0 introduction to PD Lemonade – 25 August 2020

http://PDLemonade 1.0

“This is PDLemonade with Kat Hill, bringing you a refreshing take on finding joy.  Since being handed a bag of lemons, a diagnosis of Young Onset PD at the age 48,  I have chosen to focus on the sweetness I have found.  Instead of dwelling on the sour, I write and speak about wellness. On this podcast I will share interviews with others who are striving to focus on making lemonade out of lemons and just how they do it.  I hope you’ll tune in.”


2.0. The Marriage Dance with husband Ken Hill. 13 September 2020

3.0 The Broader Invitation of “Dis Ease,” interview with Janine Messenger, Heart Intelligent Business consulting

4.0 Finding Your People – Building Community, interview with Nancy Peate, MLS, co-founder of YOPD Happy Hour, author, speaker, advocate

5.0 Making Music, guest Michelle Garratt, Vocal coach, singer, mother and friend


6.0 A Source Of Inspiration, guest Emma Laughton, UK advocate, entrepreneur and comic

7.0 The Art of Resilience, guest Jane Miller, sailor, dancer and friend


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