under the maple tree

I built a garden and

invited fairies to come live there.

It’s a magical place

under the maple tree in our front yard.

Then the magic began…

The fairies came, 

the children came, 

the neighbors came

All to share in a little escape.

Our world, just now, 

could do with a bit of wonder,

A bit of whimsy,

A bit of believing.

I feel blessed to have created a place

with a bit of magic to share with my world.

May you all find a bit of what you need today.

A bit of magic under the maple tree.

9 thoughts on “under the maple tree”

  1. Good morning sweet friend.. Thank you for sharing your thoughts (I loved seeing photos of your fairy village). I so very much appreciated our visit – I miss you. Joe and I have cancelled our Yellowstone/Idaho plans. Too much Covid out there. Stay safe, stay well. Love to you and Ken, L

    Sent from Linda’s amazing iPad



  2. Sweet Kat. I’d love to see some pictures of your magical fairy land. I’m sure the kiddos in the neighborhood loooove it!


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