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Sellwood Carriage House August 1 & 2, 2020

Wild Abandon in Sketching and Watercolors

with Jill Badonsky

Description:  Let’s get into that playful state that makes art possible. Using fleeting multimedia projections, poetry, music, the silly and absurd, you will be tricked into effortlessly colliding with your true creative voice without overthinking or scaring it away. Any perfectionistic tendencies, comparison to others,  hesitancy, and/or immobilizing self-judgment will be terribly confused and ask to be excused.

You will experience:

  • Ways to draw and use watercolor that defy self-doubt and crippling comparison
  • The unleashing of a deeper creative voice through the cultivation of intuition and mindfulness
  • What it’s like to generate a plethora of sketches in a short amount of time under the influence of an altered state of sketching.
  • How to make sketching and painting not only easier but relaxing, addictive and even, I dare say, a blast.
  • The creation of at least three sketches you’ll want to frame, share with the world, or simply become.

August 1 & 2, 2020

10:00am – 3:30pm

Sellwood Carriage House

1125 SE Rex Street

Portland, Oregon 97202

$350 (includes lunch both days)

$100 holds your spot, full payment due by June 1. Deposit only, refund if cancelling before June 1.

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